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The Exemplary Life of the Prophet (saas)

Every moment of the Prophet's (saas) life is a splendid example for the faithful to follow. With his conversations with the faithful, the way he addressed them, his sense of humour, his affection for and interest in children, the just way he treated women and his affection and concern, he was a model protector, both for his family and for all Muslims. That, by his smiling face, joyful countenance, and his consideration and affection for the faithful, he is an important example of proper morality and an ideal model of humanity. This chapter will comprise examples of the Prophet's (saas) life which was so pleasing to Allah.

The Prophet (saas) Smiled Often, and Advised Others to Be the Same

Although the Prophet (saas) bore a heavy responsibility, and despite all the difficulties he faced, he was a most humble and peaceful man, submissive to Allah. He lived the joy and ardour of belief every moment of his life. Thanks to that joy of belief and his high morality, he was always smiling and tenderhearted. His companions describe his state of being:
Ali (ra): "His smiling face and kind treatment of everyone made him literally a father to the people. Everyone was equal in his sight."152
"He was always cheerful, gentle and mild."153
"He was the softest and most kind of all people..."154
The Prophet (saas) also advised his companions to smile, and said:
"Don't entertain the people with your wealth, but entertain them with smiling face and good conduct."155
"Allah loves those making things easier and those having smiling countenance."156
It is He Who raised up among the Ummi a Messenger from them to recite His Signs to them and purify them
and teach them the Book and Wisdom…
(Surat al-Jumu’a: 2)

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