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The Prophet’s (saas) Relations and Conversations with His Companions

The Prophet (saas) took the greatest interest in the Muslims around him. He kept a close eye on the faith, behavior, cleanliness, happiness and health of each one of them. He noticed what each one lacked and needed, and ensured that they were provided for. In every conversation he had with them, he was pleasant towards them and won their love. When his companions left him, they would be full of joy and contentment.
Ali (ra), one of the closest of those to him, describes his relations with his companions and the atmosphere during their talks:
"His hand of charity was spread to its utmost and his tongue was the most truthful. His conduct was the most modest. Awe struck one who saw him first. Whoever mixed with him loved him. One who praised him said: I have never seen like him before and after him. Once a man begged something of the Prophet (saas) and it was given to him."157

A Messenger has come to you from among yourselves. Your suffering is distressing to him; he is deeply concerned for you; he is gentle and merciful to the believers.
(Surat at-Tawba: 128)
The Kaaba in Mecca. The King Fahd Gate.
"He would take an interest in everyone he sat with, and gave no impression of treating anyone differently. He was always patient with those sitting with him or keeping him standing, and would never leave that person until that person moved away from him.158
"He missed his companions, and asked after them (when he could not see them). He would ask how people were, and how their businesses were faring. He would call beautiful things beautiful, and ugly things ugly."159
"He was always in favor of honest men, and would receive no-one else. They would come to his side for a short time, and when they left, they would leave as their hearts satisfied. They left his side as living proofs and guides."160
"He was patient in the face of extreme or illogical behavior from strangers. They would sometimes grow angry, and he would calm them, saying, 'Guide them when you see anyone like that.'" 161
"He would never interrupt, but would always wait for people to finish."162
"… He always spoke words that would cause people to love another and come together. He would never frighten or chase them away. He attached great importance to the leaders of all tribes, and was hospitable towards them…"163
His grandson Hassan (ra) has this to say about the Prophet (saas):
"His looks were very meaningful … He spoke briefly and to the point. There was nothing unnecessary in his words, and nothing lacking." 164
The Kaaba lock
The Kaaba lock, in the Sacred Relics Department of Topkapı Palace.
"He spoke in the same way to leading notables or ordinary people. He concealed nothing from them..."165
This is how Abu Zar (ra) describes the Prophet's (saas) most affectionateness towards his companions:
"I came to him (the Prophet (saas)) and found him sitting on a cot. He got up from it and embraced me. This shows that embracing is good."166
Abu Huraira (ra) describes the Prophet Muhammad's (saas) consideration and humaneness:
"The Prophet (saas) did not withdraw his hand from another till the latter withdrew his own hand."167
The Prophet (saas) also took the greatest interest in his companions' health. He advised the thin among them to put on weight, and the overweight among them to go on a diet and be careful what they ate.168
In some cases of sickness, he would advise his companions to take a drink made out of honey.169
Abu Huraira (ra) apparently fainted one day, and the Prophet (saas) lifted him to his feet, took him home, and gave him some milk to drink when he realized he was hungry.170

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