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The Prophet's (saas) Hair

There are different descriptions of the length of the Prophet's (saas) hair. It is natural that there should be discrepancies between them, as the people these accounts have come down from saw him at different times, when his hair may have been of different lengths. Yet, what can be recognized from these descriptions was that the Prophet's (saas) hair was at ear-level at its shortest and at shoulder-length at its longest.
Anas bin Malik (ra) recalls:
"The hair of Rasulullah (saas) reached till half of his ears."84
Aisha (ra) reports:
"The blessed hair of Rasulullah (saas) was longer than those that reached the ear lobes, and shorter than those that reached the shoulders."85
So believe in Allah and His Messenger and in the Light We have sent down. Allah is aware of what you do.
(Surat at-Taghabun: 8)
Baraa bin Aazib (ra) says:
"Rasulullah (saas) was of average height, and the portion between the two shoulders was wide. His hair reached his ear lobes."86
Umm Haani, the daughter of Abu Taalib (ra) offers the following description:
"Rasulullah (saas) came to Mecca once after the hijrah (migration). His blessed hair had four plaits."87

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